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Wonderful World Award (WWA) – The Le Grand Mint Courage-Award


Dear Friends, Partners, and Media Representatives,


It is with great anticipation that the Le Grand Mint Team can now inform you about the establishment of the Wonderful World Awards. The award recognizes individuals from economic and scientific sectors, politics and culture, as well as those committed to social justice and civil education in their societies. Making its debut, the international Le Grand Mint Courage-Award is expected to be awarded in the third quarter of 2016 within a ceremonial setting.  



Courage Has its Price


Courage has many faces. Courageous ideas and actions are as diverse as our wonderful world. Venturing to take the bold steps to improve the living conditions of the disadvantaged requires courage for solidarity. And courage pays off.

While the decision to buy a Wonderful World silver coin made by Le Grand Mint promises to be profitable, there is likewise value in having the courage to boldly stand up for our fellow human beings.

Therefore, going forward Le Grant Mint would like to distinguish particularly courageous deeds and honour extraordinary people for their solidarity-motivated dedication and honest commitment. 

From hundreds of worldwide-nominated personalities, an international jury will select the best that shape their environment positively, make history, and through their honourable dedication enrich our coexistence on this wonderful world.

Courage finally has its price: The Wonderful World Award from the wonderful world of Le Grand Mint.


With kind regards,


Your Le Grand Mint Team


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