WWA 2016

WWA 2016
Wonderful World Award (WWA) 2016
Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Press Representatives,
Bravery has many faces, courageous ideas and resolute actions, and these are as diverse as our wonderful world.
We wish to promote and protect this diversity.
Therefore, the management of the internationally active Dortmund enterprise Le Grand Mint has nominated courageous people for their social engagement in economy, culture, and politics.
The nominated personalities from around the world are:  Serdar Somuncu, Volker Pispers, Riad Kobaissi, and John Oliver
Le Grand Mint proudly presents the winners of the Human Rights Award „Wonderful World Award", announced for the first time in 2016.
The winners are the two Lebanese Riad Kobaissi and Ali Khalife, two excellent personalities that, with their courage, are changing the world for the better.
Thank you and congratulations. 
The Wonderful World Award will be awarded on September 08, 2016 within the framework of Beirut Money Fair.
Thank you very much for your interest, 
With kind regards,
Le Grand Team

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