WWA 2017

WWA 2017

Wonderful World Award (WWA) – The Le Grand Mint Courage-Award 2017

Dortmund,14 April 2017

Courage for humanity - respecting humankind

Humanity means social cohesion.  Only united can people achieve goals, only together can successes be celebrated.

Honesty, trust, and demeanour are at the core of friendships. Founded on this motivation, we are working together as a team, collectively designing the precious Wonderful World silver coins from the collection of Le Grand Mint, creating and embossing hand in hand, in order to be able to offer the precious metal coins to collectors worldwide. With success.

Gratitude is difficult to put into words. This is why the Le Grand Mint-Team would once again like to pay tribute to the people who are committed to shaping our beautiful world to be more peaceful, social, and humanistic with the presentation of the Wonderful World Awards. 

These people deserve the utmost respect as their courage is the inspiration for our success. In a time when cowardice is confused with caution, these people, through their bold wit, are able to awaken hope when despair spreads, defend freedom where oppression prevails, and are socially committed when others look away. These are the heroes who want to change the world for the better, who criticize, provoke and rouse others. With the Wonderful World Award 2017, we are nominating courageous, witty, confident and social individuals. Thank you.

The nominees for 2017 are:

Assaad Thebian
Free journalist and initiator of the "You stink" demonstrations, which have peacefully, but decisively, secured an open dialogue with interest groups in Lebanon.

Gino Raidy
His project March takes a practical approach in working with social projects towards a peaceful, diverse and tolerant Lebanon. With increasing success.

John Oliver
The American Late Night TV host captivates with clear, direct discourse, biting cynicism, and satirical humour.

Jan Böhmermann
Campino and Erdogan are not amused by him. We love the "Polizistensohn," whose unruly humour has been hyped up into a national crisis by would-be dictators.

Serdar Somuncu
Serdar's nomination was not uncontroversial, but simply the fact that he provokes controversy leads to the satirist and the politician earning his place among the favoured few. "Every minority has the right to discrimination" - from his lips it's not just a form of Newspeak, but political cabaret without taboos; consistently going against reactionary right-wing currents.

Wonderful World Award (WWA) – The Le Grand Mint Courage-Award 2017

The award recognizes individuals from economic and scientific sectors, politics and culture, as well as those committed to social justice and civil education in their societies. Courage and humanity deserve respect, therefore the management of the internationally active Dortmund enterprise Le Grand Mint has nominated courageous people for their social commitment in economy, culture, and politics. For the second time, the international Le Grand Mint Courage-Award is expected to be awarded in the second quarter of 2017 within a ceremonial setting.

With kind regards,
Your Le Grand Mint Team

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