WWA 2018

WWA 2018

Date: 01.08.2018 

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Press Representatives,

Actions speak louder than words. Following this motto, the internationally active Dortmund enterprise Le Grand Mint will continue to take a stance in 2018, and we are looking forward to presenting the "Wonderful World Award" once again. Since 2016, courageous people from culture and politics have been nominated for their humanistic deeds that change people's lives for the better.

Emilie Hasrouty, Youmna Fawaz and Kamel Jaber are the justly nominated WWA winners in 2018. As all three Lebanese personalities contribute to improving human interaction in their societies, they are the joint winners of WWA 2018 - for differing but consistently admirable reasons.

Emilie's face is presented daily on television, and with her program "This Morning," the journalist makes an important contribution to enlightenment, initiates debates, and offers orientation in complex matters.

On the front line and behind the front lines, Youmna reports from her neighboring country Syria. She provided rebels a voice and followed the regime critically. The journalists have also been active in Lebanon as activists for social justice.

Kamel Jaber combines artistic aspirations and political journalism in his identity-forming photographs, which have already found their way onto Lebanese stamp motifs. In his texts, the activist analyzes social problems and problem-solving in Lebanon.

As diverse as the commitment of our WWA winners is, their courage is at least as great. We offer our heartfelt thanks for this.

Thank you very much for your interest. 

With kind regards,

Ali Sabbagh

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