The Bee- the Wonderful World 2019 Superstar Bee - in pure silver with esteem by Le Grand Mint 

Founding father, turnover trillionaire, and food supplier for billions of people. The bee is a multi-talent. It’s also the guarantor of human civilization. Reason enough for Le Grand Mint to create a numismatic monument to the valuable bee. Following a classic tradition, of course. Even the ancient Greeks and Phoenicians paid homage to the eco-icon of modernity on silver drachma coins. Those highly cultivated traders grasped that without the bee, neither honey nor money flows. Still today its economic importance for agriculture is monumental. The annual pollination capacity of the hard-working bee is worth around 265 billion dollars worldwide. Like no other livestock, the black and yellow candle wax producer stands for the close intermeshing of nature conservation and global prosperity protection. 

The stockpiling of bee colonies organized into states is also exemplary. That is why Le Grand Mint is dedicating the seventh fine embossing from our silver bullion coin collection "Wonderful World" to the wonderful bee, another stylish investment in the future. Beautifully conceptualized from multiple design award-winner Dirk Uhlenbrock (Ersteliga). Elegant and clear in design, the noble silver piece focuses on the bee - as a symbol of the cycle of nature. Embossed in the purest of 9999 silver, the coin pays highly deserved tribute to the bee - worthy of protection.

Country of origin: Germany
Mint: Le Grand Mint - LEV
Fine weight: 31.1 g
Fineness: 999,9 / 1000 silver
Denomination: 25 LGM Livres
Diameter: 38,60 mm
Mintage: 999
Year: 2019

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The Bee- the Wonderful World 2019 | 1 oz 9999 Ag | Proof | PP

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