For collecting, sending, and writing pleasantries... 
Postcards depicting themes as beautiful as Le Grand's silver embossing. 
"With kind regards to the world," Le Grand Mint is wholeheartedly pleased to announce that the German-Lebanese numismatics expert from Dortmund has adopted postcards into his portfolio for the first time.
The motifs of the postcards build a thematic bridge to the precious silver embossings of Le Grand Mint in design and image selection, based on the ideal guiding principle of the precious silver "Wonderful World" series.
These nobly designed postcards are conceptualized to inspire people all over the world to use the handwritten word to get in touch, reconcile, or simply express love and respect for each other.
On the occasion of the first Independence Day 75 years ago in Lebanon, Le Grand-Mint launches its postcard distribution with two motifs depicting scenes of beautiful Lebanon.
The first two postcards show the maritime sunset at the beach of Sidon and the fortress of Beaufort - both of which are located in the south of Lebanon. Sidon is the most important city of the ancient Phoenicians, who for millennia have found their home at the foot of the Lebanon Mountains, building innovative ships with which seafarers could export the alphabet and their silver coins on new trade routes throughout the entire Mediterranean region and beyond. Not far from Sidon stands the monumental Beaufort Castle near Nabatieh: a scene of bloody conquests by the medieval Crusaders, yet a symbol of a free, fortified, and independent state of Lebanon.
Lovingly designed in the highest Le Grand quality and in a limited edition of 2000 copies, the silk matte postcards captivate with a pleasant tactility at an affordable price. Whether for collecting, sending, or writing pleasantries, Le Grand Mint-postcards are perfect for delivering joy to family, customers, and friends. 

"With kind regards to the world," your Le Grand Mint team

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